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Wheeler, about to use his ring in the episode Mind Pollution

Wheeler is the second Planeteer to be summoned in the first episode, A Hero For Earth. He is from North America, and he has the power of Fire.

Wheeler is from Brooklyn, New York. He had a tough upbringing, growing up with an alcoholic father who, at the very least, often verbally abused him.

Wheeler is probably the Planeteer who uses his ring the most - either to hold enemies back, cut through locks, or free people from bonds. His ring can produce flames or a laser-like force.

Wheeler is all about action, and does not always think things through before acting. He often goads the eco-villains, taunting them and infuriating them with quick remarks and insults. Though not necessarily lazy, he is often tempted to abandon work in order to have some fun. However, he is very loyal, and can be counted on in a crisis if someone is depending on him.

Wheeler is usually the Planeteer who asks the questions or needs things explained to him. This is usually a tool to explain the situation or problem to the audience.

Wheeler often wants to have fun, rather than work. He seems very sports-oriented, despite growing up in the middle of Brooklyn with no early mention of taking part in childhood sports. He can often be found surfing or wind-surfing around Hope Island, though he does not appear to be very good at either sport, often falling off his board and washing up on the shore to be laughed at by one of the other Planeteers. In later seasons, Wheeler also appears to have an interest in basketball, which possibly suits his background a little better than the watersports do.

Wheeler also takes pleasure in games and flirting with girls. He appears to have a strong crush on Linka throughout all six series of the show, though not to the extent he won't look at or flirt with other women. When he visits his parents in the episode Talkin' Trash, Wheeler and his ex-girlfriend, Trish, kiss and hold hands, indicating that perhaps Wheeler still has feelings for her and Linka doesn't have so much to do with the emotional side of things, just the physical.

He does, however, risk his life for Linka several times, most notably in the episode Missing Linka. It could be said that lust, love or both is canon for Wheeler's interest in Linka.


Wheeler has red hair and blue eyes. His blue Planeteer shirt is usually half-tucked and half-untucked. His laces are rarely tied. Wheeler wears blue jeans and a brown jacket with the sleeves rolled up.

He appears to be quite muscular, though his only physical exercise, aside from the regular activities of being a Planeteer, appears to be games like volleyball or basketball, or activities like surfing. Wheeler is rarely shown working out just for the sake of it - though in early episodes, such as Rain of Terror, he can be seen running the Hope Island obstacle course with the other Planeteers.

Wheeler can also be assumed to be quite tall, though apparently not as tall as Kwame, coming in perhaps one or two inches shorter than the Earth Planeteer. Height between the Planeteers can vary greatly, but Wheeler and Kwame both appear to be the standard and are rarely shown with greatly-varying heights. Occasionally, Wheeler will appear taller than Kwame, though this can often be rectified within the same episode, and is more a continuity issue rather than a new rule for canon.

Wheeler's face will turn red when he is embarrassed, angry or jealous. He may sometimes reach up to cup the back of his neck or head with his hand if he feels self-conscious and is trying to explain a rash action.

Family and Relationships[edit]

From the moment he sees her, Wheeler makes no secret of his attraction to Linka. He often calls her 'babe', and flirts with her heavily throughout several episodes. Linka, however, usually rejects his advances. Most of the time he accepts this with good humour, but occasionally he will question her further about going out with him, or he will display a hurt look, indicating that his feelings go deeper than simple flirting.

Several times, Wheeler and Linka come close to kissing during quiet, intimate moments with one another, such as in the episode Beast of the Temple. However, they are usually interrupted before they can kiss.

Occasionally Wheeler will flirt with other female characters, which causes Linka to become openly jealous. Whenever he is rescued from a tight spot, she displays obvious relief and is more open with her affections towards him.

See Wheeler and Linka for more.

Wheeler had a rough childhood. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother appeared passive in response to the aggression present in the home. Wheeler appears to be close to his mother - he returns to visit his parents in the episode Talkin' Trash, and he appears on good terms with her. However, he at first refuses to speak to his father, who verbally abuses him and indicates that he believes Wheeler is no good and will amount to nothing.

During the episode A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part II, we learn that Wheeler often spent nights away from home, on the streets or in the park, even at a young age. This is because going home often resulted in conflict with his father, who sent him out to purchase alcohol.

The names of Wheeler's parents are never revealed.

Trish was Wheeler's girlfriend before he joined the Planeteers. He sees her again in the episode Talkin' Trash, and discovers she is part of a gang vandalising the neighbourhood. Trish successfully mugs Wheeler at the start of the episode, and steals his ring. He manages to steal it back, before trying to convince her to drop her criminal behaviour and take more pride in the place she lives.

Wheeler saves Trish's life after she sabotages Verminous Skumm's helicopter and falls into the river. He pulls her out and they share a kiss.

It is unclear whether or not the other Planeteers are aware of Wheeler's relationship with Trish.

See Wheeler and Trish for more.

Significant Episodes[edit]


Gi: Come on Wheeler, time for team-work! First, you melt that ice with...

Wheeler: Fire!

Gi: And now that it is -WATER-, I'll shape it into steps, fast, before it refreezes!

Wheeler: Cool move, Gi.

- Deadly Ransom

Linka: I told you your plan wouldn't work!

Wheeler: At least I did something besides just talk!

Linka: Exactly! You set off the alarm!

Wheeler: Oh, so now it's all my fault? If I'd had some help, it would have been different!

- Deadly Ransom

Linka: Are you all right, Captain Planet?

Captain Planet: I've absorbed too much of Duke Nukem's radiation...

Wheeler: Don't worry, Cap, we'll get you back on your feet. Let's make like an atom and split!

- Deadly Ransom