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Captain Planet and the Planeteers Wiki is a detailed wiki containing picture galleries, character profiles, quotes and episode summaries.

Pages of this wiki can and do contain spoilers for the episodes.

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Interviews with the cast and crew of Captain Planet may reveal further canon evidence - this evidence and/or new facts may be added to the appropriate pages, but should always be labelled as dvd reveals. Please do not portray them as canon unless there is supporting evidence from an actual episode.

Featured Character

Linka uses her power to fly in the episode Volcano's Wrath.
Linka is the fourth Planeteer to be summoned in the episode A Hero For Earth. When calling Captain Planet, she is the third to use her ring. She is from the Soviet Union, and she has the power of Wind.

Linka is often the voice of logic and reason, though she also has quite a hot temper. She is technologically-minded, and is revealed to be a "hacker" in the episode Polluting by Computer. Though she sometimes gets carried away and acts without thinking, Linka is likely to remain rational in a tight spot.

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Featured Episode

Doctor Blight creates a forcefield over Hope Island.
Heat Wave: Linka is sailing near Hope Island when a barge approaches. It is soon evident that Doctor Blight is up to no good. Blight takes Linka prisoner and creates a forcefield over Hope Island before pumping greenhouse gases into the newly-created confined space. It's up to Kwame, Wheeler, Gi and Ma-Ti to save Linka and stop Doctor Blight before Hope Island - and Gaia - are destroyed forever.

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