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The predator Is the sixth episode of the second season of Captain Planet.

Episode summery

This episode opens with Mati and Gi diving in Florida, or some other state with a warm climate and coastal town. Mati dives deeper to get a good look at an old shipwreck. Once there, a huge shark startles him! Mati panics and flips himself around and runs for it! He moves at great speed, eventually straight up right passed Gi. He brakes the surface, out of breath, Suchi helps him in as he tries to get back in the raft. A soaked mati quickly pulls off his mask and air hose and uses his ring to call GI. Before he can get his hole message out, Gi suddenly appears and nearly scares Mati off balance. When Gi wants to know what wrong, Mati points and cries out "Shark!" Gi quickly points out that its a basking shark and it would not have actact him in less he were very small, someware around a few inches. Mati points out that is how small he feels.

At a local diner Gi asks Mati why he did not use his heart power to stop the shark. Mati replies that he dose not know. Mait also points out it is not everyday he runs into a 40 foot shark! This statement gets the attention of a waitress who passes it on to a surfer dude in yellow trunks, who adds the words maneater to the hole thing, something Mati sayes is not the case in the same sentence! The statement about the shark spreads throughout the small town. fanning the flames, the local kids who dress up as sharks, while in the water, and cut chunks out of a boogie board, claiming to be attacked.

The mayor of the town responds to the pressure and calls in Bleak to kill off the sharks. Gi gets wind of this and steps in, showing up as bleak is about to leave on another anti shark run. she is told by the waitress, from the diner, that they ate at earlier, that this is not her town and to “butt out”. GI steps on top of a pear post and tells the crowed that they are going to mess up the balance of nature! Bleak responds by pushing her off the post and into the water, before taking off to kill more sharks!

Back on hope island Wheeler is windsurfing and appears to really be enjoying his new sailboard. Suddenly, the wind stops, then gusts and knocks him off. Once again, a soaked Wheeler surfaces and is told by Gaia that he is needed. An understandably visibly upset and soaked wheeler, carries his sailboard into the Cristal chamber. His mood is further upset by the fact that Linka, who he is always tying to impress, assumes that he has fallen of his board because of clumsiness, when it was really Gaia's fault this time. Wheeler remarks "This better be good" Gaia responds "im afraid its very bad." she uses a monitor in the Cristal chamber to show what bleak is up to. Wheeler dose not seam that impressed with the idea of saving blood thirsty sharks. Gaia responds by saying that bleak is blood thirsty and shows how the sharks kept other animals population regulated. Wheeler, taking the leader role sayes that the team should find Gi and Mati and stop Bleak. Because they are going to a seaside area, Wheeler takes his new sailboard. Gaia tells him if they stop the shark killing he will have "fair winds from now on"! Back at the small seaside town, Gi and Mati stowaway on Bleak's boat and try to stop him. Only to be caught. Bleak plans to use them as bait. By this point the rest of the planet tears are nearby, in the Geo copter. Bleak uses his harpoon to shoot them down. The copter quickly begins to flood! thinking this is it, Wheeler asks Linka for one last kiss. To his surprise she accepts. Wheeler is about to make contact, with linka's lips, when Kwame comes up with the idea of letting the water presser level out. this would allow them to open the door. Once the copter is completely flooded, the planeteers swim to the surface. They quickly notice that wheeler is not with them. He suddenly appears with his new sailboard. The rest of the planeteers laugh this off.

Linka, Kwame and Wheeler, get on Wheeler's sailboard and make their way to the shore. Suddenly! kwame is stung by a jelly fish. Wheeler points out, that Gi told him they have a nasty sting. They also see that a large school of jelly fish are quickly heading for the beach. To get them to shore quickly, Linka uses her ring to send more wind against the sail.

When they hit the beach, the palentears quickly get the attention of the Mayor, who they somehow already know, He quickly points out that he dose not allow windsurfing on his beach. The planeteers quickly point out the jellyfish. Kwame uses his power to rescue a few taped swimmers, while the palentears enplane that the lack of sharks are causing the massive Jelly fish billed up. The Mayor offers them the use of his sailboat, which they use to intersect and stop Bleak and rescue Mati and Gi. An injured shark heads toward them, this time, however, Mati uses his heart power to came the shark. The harpoon is pulled from the sharks fin and the episode ends.


  • Wheeler, still in his trunks from windsurfing, makes his way into the crustal chamber. After Gaia gives an introduction, as to what Bleak is up to, Wheeler is suddenly in his usual planetear outfit. When we next see him, after Gaia asks them to stop bleak, we see him back in his trunks.
  • Wheeler risks his life to save his sailboard, and then leaves it on the beach.