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Gi is the second Planeteer to be summoned by Gaia, but the fourth in the regular line-up when calling Captain Planet. She is from Asia, and she has the power of Water. Gi is bright and bubbly, often replying to comments or situations with quick remarks and light-hearted humour.

However, she can also be stubborn, and sometimes rushes into situations without fully thinking them through.

Gi's first love is the ocean and its creatures. Any mission relating to the ocean will always bring out passion in Gi. 9 times out of 10, Gi is the Planeteer to dive into any waterways when the need comes - to rescue others or to fetch objects, for example.

Gi never reveals what Asian country she is from. She does, however, have friends from Thailand (Nuok), whom she met through school, as learned in the episode Beast of the Temple. Her pet dolphin's name was Kisa, as learned in the episode A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part II. Google searches indicate that this name has roots in Japanese culture. Google also indicates that the name Gi has roots in Korean culture, though it is predominantly a male name.

The special features on the DVD of the first season indicate that Gi is from Burma, though this is never confirmed or repeated as fact in canon itself.

Gi has short, glossy back hair cut into a bob with bangs. She has brown eyes and pale skin.

Gi wears a gold medallion around her neck, a blue bangle and a wrist-watch on her left wrist, in addition to her Planeteer ring which gives her the power of Water. Her belt is black with the same symbol on the buckle as on her necklace.

When Gi arrives on Hope Island in the episode A Hero For Earth, she is wearing a pink wetsuit and a light purple-coloured jacket or robe. The bangle on her wrist is pink and later changes to blue.

After becoming a Planeteer, Gi wears a pink Planeteer t-shirt with a green emblem, a purple jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, and brown shorts. Her socks are green, and her runners appear to be blue, pink and white, though it's possible they change colour now and then.

Gi also has the appearance of wearing bright pink lip gloss - her lips are always shiny and pink.


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Significant Episodes[edit]

Family and Relationships[edit]

  • Kisa: Kisa was a dolphin Gi befriended when she was a young girl. Gi was forced to leave after her parents had their research grants revoked and the family had to move. In the episode A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part II, Gi says she saved her allowance for a year in order to go back to the coastline where she met Kisa. However, when Gi arrived, the newly-built smelter on the coast had polluted the water to such an extent, Kisa was dying.

It was Kisa's plight that led Gi to swear to protect the seas and their creatures.

  • Kwame: It is occasionally implied that Gi and Kwame have a slightly romantic relationship. They flirt occasionally, and Gi tends to show open affection and relief whenever Kwame narrowly escapes harm at the hands of an Eco-villain. See Kwame and Gi for more.

  • Nuok: Gi often has friends involved in the missions the Planeteers are assigned to, such as Nuok in the episode Beast of the Temple. Nuok asks Gi and the Planeteers to come to his village and investigate the dragon-like beast people have reported seeing.


Gi is pulling Kwame towards the eco-sub.

Kwame: Wait a second, Gi! Hold on. I know how much you love our sea friends. But at least we should talk to Gaia.

Gi: Gaia would just send us to stop that piggy Greedly! And - and - and if you won't help, I'll go alone!

- The Dead Seas

Gi: Come on Wheeler, time for team-work! First, you melt that ice with...

Wheeler: Fire!

Gi: And now that it is -WATER-, I'll shape it into steps, fast, before it refreezes!

- Deadly Ransom

Ma-Ti has just fallen into a puddle of mud.

Gi: Hey, Ma-Ti! With a cherry and some whipped cream, you'd look just like a hot-fudge sundae!

- Rain of Terror