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This is a list of episodes from the first season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. For a more detailed description of each episode, including a detailed summary, quotes, and galleries, click on the episode title.

  • A Hero For Earth - After waking up to discover Earth in peril due to rising pollution, Gaia, the spirit of Earth, sends five magic rings to five special young people. They are summoned as Planeteers and are sent on their first mission - to stop Hoggish Greedly and Rigger drilling for oil and destroying a coastline.

  • Last of Her Kind - Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak are herding elephants in Africa, slaughtering them for their ivory. The Planeteers must overcome Looten Plunder's operations and reunite a baby elephant with her mother, or risk the loss of African elephants forever.

  • The Dead Seas - Hoggish Greedly is using drift nets to capture sea creatures and fish the oceans clean. The Planeteers race to stop him, but Greedly overpowers them and steals their rings. The Planeteers must work together without their Planeteer powers to get their rings back and stop Greedly's drift-net operation.

  • Beast of the Temple - The Planeteers go to Thailand to try and discover what is behind the ruination of the jungle and a small village's rice paddies. They meet Nuok, a friend of Gi's from school, who claims it is a dragon beast: an ancient, evil spirit come to life. When Wheeler is captured by Greedly, he discovers that not everything is as it seems. It's up to the other Planeteers to find Wheeler and stop Greedly's latest plan - and the dragon beast!

  • Rain of Terror - The Planeteers hurry to stop Verminous Skumm using an abandoned factory to create an acid-rain storm. However, Ma-Ti is battling new self-esteem issues and he remains behind in the geo-cruiser, leaving the other Planeteers to tackle the problem without him. When they run into trouble, only Ma-Ti can save the day...

  • Deadly Ransom - Doctor Blight, MAL and Duke Nukem manage to capture Captain Planet. They hold him for ransom in Antarctica, demanding barrels of nuclear waste in exchange for his life. The Planeteers must work together without their powers as they hurry to rescue Captain Planet, before the effects of Nukem's radiation destroy him.

  • Heat Wave - Linka is sailing near Hope Island when a barge approaches. It is soon evident that Doctor Blight is up to no good. Blight takes Linka prisoner and creates a forcefield over Hope Island before pumping greenhouse gases into the newly-created confined space. It's up to Kwame, Wheeler, Gi and Ma-Ti to save Linka and stop Doctor Blight before Hope Island - and Gaia - are destroyed forever.