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Sam is an Australian freelance journalist. He first meets the Planeteers in the episode The Blue Car Line, where he is trying to break the story on why the trains are all deserted. He tells the Planeteers there are stories of disappearing train cars and ghosts - which he is extremely afraid of.

When Sam sees Gaia for the first time, his "ghost" phobia kicks in, and he faints.

Sam appears to be an Indigenous Australian, though his skin is still quite pale.

Sam wears dark red slacks and a mushroom-coloured shirt. He wears a necklace around his neck with three red stones on it. He has dark hair and wears glasses. He frequently refers to the Planeteers as "mates".

Sam's first story is published at the end of The Blue Car Line. He asks the Planeteers to autograph it.

Significant Episodes:[edit]