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MAL is voiced by Tim Curry in early episodes. In later seasons, he is voiced by David Rappaport.


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Nukem: What's in it for me?

Blight: All the nuclear waste you can feed on, Duke.

Nukem: You certainly know how to treat royalty. But Captain Planet's no fool. How are we gonna capture him?

MAL: We'll bait the trap with Planeteers!

Blight: I told you MAL was a genius! He's even sending a phoney message to lure them into our clutches!

- Deadly Ransom

MAL: It's sheer genius to get nuclear waste by pretending you already have it! No one cheats, lies and tricks better than you do, Doctor.

Blight: Oh, MAL, you say the sweetest things...

- Deadly Ransom

Nukem: Your power flunkies better pay our ransom soon, Captain Planet! You won't survive much more of my radiation!

Captain Planet: Forget it, Nukem! The Planeteers will never agree to your evil demands!

MAL: Attention, attention, malevolent master! And you too, Duke Radish-head.

Nukem: Watch it, computer! Your mouth's too big for your microchips!

- Deadly Ransom

Blight is watching a tidal wave coming towards her speedboat.

Blight: Quick MAL! Tell me everything I need to know about surfing!

MAL: Just two words, Doctor. Wipe out!

- Heat Wave

Blight: Ah, there's nothing like nature run amok.

MAL: Correction, Doctor. Melaleuca trees are not natural to this region. They were brought here in a feeble attempt to turn wetlands into real estate. Now the highly-flammable melaleuca trees are taking over 40 acres of everglades a day, and -

Blight: Can the lecture, MAL! Just tell me - am I the greatest or what?

MAL: Don't uncork the bubbly just yet, Snow Blight. There's a scients developing a new plant growth-enhancing ray. Soon, all will hail this doctor the most brilliant.

Blight: I've dealt with ancient wannabes in the past.

MAL: Newsflash! This doctor is no fossil! Georgina Carbor. Vibrant. Beautiful. And young. Mmm, I'd like to network with her.

Blight: Can it, disk-head!

- Little Crop of Horrors

Blight: You know, I couldn't ask for a better-looking test site.

MAL: Really? It looks denuded, deforested and desertified to me.

Blight: Exactly! So when I realise Carver's - I mean, MY test plant, it'll solve the erosion problem around here. And the scientific journals will fall all over themselves to interview me! Now, to add the Blight touch...

MAL: I tapped into Carver's computer. The enhancer ray should be used for only - repeat, only - three seconds.

Blight: If seconds are good, minutes are better!

MAL: Doctor, dear, I suggest you review the existing data.

Blight: Are you wimping out on me, MAL?

She turns the laser towards MAL.

MAL: No, let 'er rip!

- Little Crop of Horrors