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Dr. Georgina Carver is a scientist working in Africa. In the episode Little Crop of Horrors, Kwame states that he has been following her career for some time. The other Planeteers exchange knowing looks and winks when Kwame expresses excitement and willingness to work alongside Georgie during their mission. Throughout the episode, Kwame gazes dreamily at Georgie, even going so far as to 'rank' her beauty with Wheeler. He and Georgie also separate from the group in order to find a solution to the out-of-control vine. At the end of the episode, Georgie embraces Kwame and tells him she'd like their relationship to grow.

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Gaia: So, Planeteers, there's no telling what Doctor Blight will do with this enhancer ray.

Gi: What's the story on this Doctor Carver?

Kwame: I have followed her career! Her father was an important environmental leader and scientist in Africa. Georgie followed in his footsteps.

Wheeler: Georgie, is it?

Kwame: Er, yes.

Gaia: I think you'd better head to Carver's lab and see if you can help.

Kwame: I for one would be happy to work as closely with Dr. Carver as needed.

Georgie: ... So my technology could be very dangerous in the wrong hands!

Linka: Bozhe moy, there are no wronger hands than Doctor Blight!

Wheeler: (Whispering to Kwame) Now I get it, you sly dog! Georgie's a 20 on a scale of 10!

Kwame: (Dreamily) 25... Er, this is serious, Wheeler! Who knows what chaos Blight might be causing!