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The geo-cruiser is the Planeteers' main vehicle. It is the vehicle they use most and it appears in most episodes. The geo-cruiser is solar-powered. It is yellow, with large, domed windows and solar panels on the wings. Though it occasionally is shown to use an air strip to land or take off, the geo-cruiser is also able to hover or touch down much like a helictoper.

Its landing gear composes of five (sometimes only three) wheels that unfold from beneath the belly of the cruiser. There is also a hatch in the bottom of the cruiser which enables the Planeteers to perform rescue operations or emergency escapes.

The regular way to embark or disembark the geo-cruiser is through the domed windows, which open upwards.

Occasionally, the Planeteers are shown performing maintenance works on the geo-cruiser.

The geo-cruiser is fitted with Planet Vision screens so the Planeteers can research their missions or watch footage of disasters or Eco-villain activity as they travel. There appear to be six seats, each one coloured a reddish-brown colour, complete with seatbelts. The floor/carpeting is dark blue-grey.

In the first episode, A Hero for Earth, Gi flies the geo-cruiser and states that she is doing so because she has a driver's license. (That is why, in that particular episode, Wheeler is not allowed to fly it.) This appears to be a discarded idea in other episodes, however. Even Ma-Ti is able to fly the geo-cruiser, including complicated flying and techniques in order to avoid the Eco-villains, such as in the episode A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part I.

The geo-cruiser crash-lands several times, and is completely destroyed or blown up on more than one occasion.

In the episode Deadly Ransom, it is indicated that the geo-cruiser can operate via remote control technology.

The geo-cruiser also acts as storage for other Planeteer vehicles, such as the eco-cycles or, as in the episode A Hero for Earth, a kayak.

In season 6, the geo-cruiser is given a make over. It is painted red and yellow and has a slightly different streamlined design.

Crash Landings and/or Explosions[edit]