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Duke Nukem in Deadly Ransom

Duke Nukem is voiced by Dean Stockwell and Maurice LaMarche.


Duke Nukem is a radioactive mutant. He has hard, yellow, scaly skin. He only has three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. Nukem is usually found wearing an unbuttoned Hawiian shirt and a pair of board shorts, as well as a pair of flip-flops. He has a short red mohawk.

Duke's glowing green eyes provide him with x-ray vision. His voice is deep and rather hoarse.

Significant Episodes[edit]


Nukem is sending a transmission to Hope Island as Gaia and the Planeteers gather around the Planet Vision screens.

Nukem: Hey Planeteers! Dr. Blight and Duke Nukem here! How do you like our nuclear waste bomb? With this, we can waste the planet! Ciao for now, planet punks!

- Deadly Ransom

Nukem: We have an important message for Gaia and her teenage dupes!

Gaia: What have you done with Captain Planet?

Blight: He's unsafe and unsound right here in my secret laboratory.

Linka: You must release him at once!

Blight: All in good time. But first, you must meet our ransom demands.

Kwame: Which is?

Nukem: Bring me a lifetime supply of nuclear waste!

Wheeler: And what if we refuse?

Nukem: Hahahaha! Then you'll never see Captain Planet again!

- Deadly Ransom

Nukem: Your power flunkies better pay our ransom soon, Captain Planet! You won't survive much more of my radiation!

Captain Planet: Forget it, Nukem! The Planeteers will never agree to your evil demands!

MAL: Attention, attention, malevolent master! And you too, Duke Radish-head.

Nukem: Watch it, computer! Your mouth's too big for your microchips!

- Deadly Ransom

Nukem: That was a mistake, Planeteers! The last you'll ever make!

- Deadly Ransom