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Captain Pollution is created by the eco-villains and is Captain Planet's official opposite. He is summoned by the five polluting rings Doctor Blight creates in the episode Mission to Save Earth Part I.

Captain Pollution resembles Captain Planet due to him being his evil twin. His skin is a sickly yellow (in "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Parts I and II" his face is more Caucasian hued), his over-sized boots and gloves either maroon or bright red, and his red-orange hair is messy, resembling Wolverine's. In contrast to the streaks on Planet's body, Pollution is covered in sores.

Pollution was created by Doctor Blight when she had Sly Sludge and Verminous Skumm steal the Planeteers' rings, and made evil opposites. Duke Nukem received Super-Radiation (Fire), Looten Plunder received Deforestation (Earth), Sly Sludge received Smog (Wind), Verminous Skumm received Toxics (Water) and Blight had Hate (Heart) for herself. After they combined their powers to create Pollution, they sent him after the Planeteers, either for them to be killed or captured.

When Pollution attacked the Planeteers, they couldn't fight back because they didn't have their rings (still at the S.S. Plunder). Captain Pollution ripped up trees and threw them around the Planeteers, setting them on fire with a blast of Super-Radiation to prevent them from escaping. (in the original version of the episode, this was to be a cliffhanger, but by the next episode the Planeteers have somehow escaped) The Planeteers escaped from the trap and hid in the forest on Commander Clash's island, but Pollution continued pursuit, burning down the trees in the process. Commander Clash showed up in his water-bulldozer and evaded Pollution's fire, spraying him with water on Kwame's advice. Through repeated blasts of water, Pollution was severely weakened and returned to the evil rings.

When Clash and the Planeteers boarded the Plunder the ecovillains were alerted and released Pollution once more to do battle with the newly summoned Captain Planet. Despite both Planet and Pollution being the other's weakness, they tussled without any visible ill effects. Planet grabbed a rope and tied up his evil counterpart, but was weakened by a "pollution pod" thrown by Nukem. Pollution snapped out of his restraints and prepared to finish off Planet with an aura of Super-Radiation, but was crippled by the reflection of the Sun on the radar dish activated by Clash. The Planeteers were able to bring Planet back to Clash's island, where he would recover from the pod's toxic effects.

Captain Pollution returned with the eco-villains and Plunder's mercenaries to attack, but was hit twice with an "ionizer" created with haste by Clash and the Planeteers, which drew out some of the toxics needed by Pollution to survive. After Clash's speech to the mercs about the futility of fighting for the eco-villains, he recharged (presumably from the burnt trees) and began firing wildly in fury at the Planeteers and the defecting mercs. He was stopped by Planet, who dragged him through the Earth, magma, air and seas, defeating him.

A defiant but beaten Pollution vowed to return, and went back inside the evil rings. However, they exploded from the damage he had taken, and he was trapped on Clash's island until Plunder's barge of nuclear waste spilled on it, rejuvenating him. He went on a world-wide chase with Planet while he caused and grew stronger from the environmental disasters he caused, eventually reaching monster proportions. While attempting to kill Planet, the Planeteers sprayed him with water and revived Planet with sunlight. Captain Planet tricked him into burrowing them both into an underground lava bath, sealing away Captain Pollution again.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

As Captain Planet's opposite, pollution actually strengthens and reinforces Captain Pollution. Earth's elements, such as clean water and earth, weaken him.

Pollution can fly and has super-strenght, but shows no other polluting element powers other than to fire blasts of Super-Radiation.

Captain Planet is able to defeat Captain Pollution in the episode Mission to Save Earth Part II by carrying Captain Pollution through clean sources of energy, such as clean water and magma. He later defeats Pollution with a lava bath in "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste"