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Plot Synopsis[edit]

After running into Greedly's mechanical (and angry) octopus, Gi awakens in an underwater city, Oceanus. Desperate to avoid the mistakes of the surface, Oceanus is a clean, sustainable city - but pollution in the ocean is starting to take its toll. Gi must help the people of Oceanus save their city - and at the same time, figure out how to get home!

Episode Summary[edit]

Planeteer Alerts[edit]


Captain Planet: I want you to join me and the Planeteers in saving our planet!

Planeteers: Go, Planet!

Captain Planet: You can fight oil spills and air pollution by encouraging your family not to waste gasoline and other fuels.

Gi: Turn off the lights in your house when you don't need them.

Linka: If you can carpool, do it!

Ma-Ti: Better yet, if you're only going a short distance, walk, or ride a bike!

Captain Planet: It's healthier for you, and our planet! So don't be a Greedly! The power is yours!

Did You Notice?[edit]

  • When they finally meet again, the Planeteers rush into a group hug - and Gi runs into Kwame's arms.